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Pipeline Locating and Depth Measurement


Identification of the pipeline subject to CIPS/DCVG survey is essential. In many cases there are many parallel pipes situated closely in the ground. CORROCONT applies high precision pipe locators based on advanced technology to identify pipelines and to determine how deep they are. Our techniques enable a buried pipe to be reliably located and identified from the ground surface, providing a depth of cover reading without the need to dig a hole or penetrate the ground.

The transmitter of the pipe-locator is always connected to the closest CP test station for optimum signal distribution. Above the located buried pipeline, the receiver is set to measure a depth to the centre of the pipeline. The Pipe depth is measured at each coating defect and many other locations considered important.

The depth of cover at defect epicenter is measured and recorded. The measured depth of cover is plotted against distance along the project pipeline in a line-type chart.