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Positioning by GPS technique


During pipeline surveys it is extremely important to have the precise location of the structures and coating defects on the pipeline route.

At distances of many kilometers this can be realized only by GPS equipment. The precise positioning of the coating defects is particularly important since this way in  the event of an excavation the costs of expensive machine work can be significantly decreased.

To carry out these tasks the Trimble R2 GNSS Receiver equipment has proved to be the best solution. The absolute accuracy of this instrument is better than 1 meter.

The device continuously receives correction signals from the Omnistar satellite thus the sub-meter precision is provided at the very site, and further processing is unnecessary. Also the instrument can be used anywhere in the world and therefore, there is no need for a base station network.

These recoded GPS coordinates are integrated in GIS database management system for pipeline operators. All these services contribute to keep safe and healthy environment meanwhile the operating cost is significantly reduced.

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