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Corrosion Inspection of Pipelines

“Corrocont Ltd. developed the integrated intensive method”, the unique combination of the CIPS and DCVG inspection.


Some typical application

  • to evaluate pipeline coating and define rehabilitation requirements
  • to locate insulation defects
  • to collect on and off potential data along the pipeline
  • to analyze the protection level with special regard to the potential value at the coating defects
  • to classify defects
  • to define weaknesses in the cathodic protection system
  • to investigate stray current
  • to find short-circuited casing, etc.
  • to propose the necessary action

Simultaneous CIPS and DCVG methods

The simultaneous application of the CIPS and DCVG methods has numerous advantages over other diagnostical solutions:

  • every insulation defect belongs to structure/corrosion potential value
  • these measured (real) values serve the basis for the calculation of the insulation defects (% IR)
  • the potential measurement takes place exactly above the pipeline
  • the measurement needs only one team performing one survey