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Risk Assessment & Failure Analysis

Think about the Risk Assessment, DO NOT FORGET: 

Risk Assessment

  • A hazard is anything that might cause serious problems, such as:
    • Internal & External corrosion defects
    • Stress corrosion cracking
    • Incorrect operation
    • Third party damage
    • Weather & outside forces
  • The risk is a chance high or low that somebody and something might be in danger by these and other hazards.

Adverse consequences: 

Risk Assessment

  • environmental contamination
  • operation safety
  • disaster
  • reconstruction and recovery costs
  • compensation

Risk Assessment

The purpose of risk assessment is to identify and quantify the risks associated with pipeline and storage tank operation. CORROCONT applies a risk assessment method that determines failure probability and ranking for pipelines, storage tanks and other equipment operating in refineries and chemical plants. CORROCONT has extensive, in-depth expertise and experience in risk assessment.

Risk Assessment

Failure Analysis

Corrosion Failure Analysis and Risk Assessment are our specialties. We determine how and why equipment, metals, alloys fail, as well as performing complete, thorough investigations to determine the fitness for service of equipment that has deteriorated due to corrosion, fracture, mechanical damage, or exposure to fire.