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CORROCONT Group, established in 1990 in Budapest/Hungary and since the 3rd year of operation has been one of the market leaders in cathodic protection and corrosion monitoring surveys of oil storage tanks and pipelines. The company has references from more than 55 countries worldwide.

Domestic and international success resulted in the opening of branch offices in the United Kingdom, Kuwait and Slovakia. These offices enable Corrocont to be effective in Europe, the Middle-East and worldwide.

The company operates in all types of corrosion related works; the main field of its operation is the diagnostic testing and cathodic protection of metal structures and pipelines in the oil and gas industries.

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CP Services    NDT Services

Corrocont is a world leader, expert in the field of Cathodic Protection and Non Destructive Testing. It provides Survey, Design, Maintenance, Inspection, Project Management, Consultancy, Training, Corrosion Failure Analysis and Risk Assessment.

Our Company Develops and Manufactures NDT software and Equipments for the precise corrosion measurement of pipelines and storage tanks. Services range from diagnostic to complete key-turn implementation.

Engineers at Corrocont have more than 30 years of experience of the areas they specialized in. We have qualified young innovative experts. We operate projects in English, French, German, Hungarian, Romanian and Russian languages.

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Corrocont has its own manufacturing and test base to produce cathodic protection materials and equipment, and operates a foundry that manufactures different types of anodes. A separate electrical plant is responsible for the assembly and quality assurance.

We are seeking and implementing new technical solutions, taking advantage of modern technology, especially in the field of NDT scanning. The company is dedicated to modern technology and thanks to the development programs; CORROCONT is using different diagnostic instruments.

Strict quality policy is based on the ISO 9001 system implemented in 1997 and on the Test Laboratory accredited by NAT. Corrocont is a member of NACE.

CORROCONT is a major manufacturer & supplier of CP equipment and materials, we also supply LFET scanners, equipment for Non-Destructive Testing developed and manufactured by OUR company.
Our Mission

“Find & fight corrosion”

We provide safe operation of pipeline and storage tank facilities by minimizing potential sources of corrosion hazards.

The Client benefits from decreased maintenance and lower running costs. Corrocont satisfies the needs of our clients whilst preserving the environment.

Core Values

We believe in the expertise of our engineers and specialists.

We offer you a service that is professional, flexible, reliable, secure and safe. We deliver the best quality.

  • Flexibility in our project
  • Flexibility with Our clients
  • Honesty & Reliability
  • Highest quality & Respectability
  • Security & Safety

Featured Projects

Major Clients

Quality policy

rsz_cert_4 (1)The goal of our organization is to insure that our products and services provided and manufactured by us meet the most demanding market and social requirements alike. In order to do so, we increase the quality of our products and services to the highest possible quality, satisfying customer needs, and in compliance with our technological and intellectual readiness.

HSE Policy

rsz_1healthWe at CORROCONT Ltd. are committed to Eliminating or managing hazards and practices in our business that could cause accident, injury or illness to people, damage to property or unacceptable impacts on the environment Assisting all employees to meet their health, safety and environmental obligations.

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