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LFET-Low Frequency Electromagnetic Testing

LFET CORROCONT has an unique LFET scanner family:

CORROCONT LFET scanner family is used to detect material loss, which caused by corrosion or other deterioration process. The LFET operated scanner moves over the entire surface of the tank, while generating an electromagnetic field into the steel plate. The electromagnetic field generates eddy current in the conductive material. The system measures the changes in the electromagnetic field caused by the generated eddy current. The defects and the corrosion maps are calculated from these collected values. Since the scannerhead does not have to contact the work surface, LFET testing is useful and the most reliable technique on rough surfaces or surfaces with wet films where the plates or the pipelines coated. These are the reasons why CORROCONT LFET scanners are used widely to detect corrosion pits, holes, material loss caused by corrosion on storage tanks, tank bottoms and shells, pipelines, heat exchangers and many other equipments.

Our unique inspection method has been used since 1997 at many Oil & Gas companies all over the world. These unique devices have been developed and manufactured by CORROCONT. All devices have own software to manage measured data and produce “online corrosion map” with “on-site report”.