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Pipeline inspection with LFET scanners

for aboveground & excavated pipelines

Pipeline Inspection

Corrocont Group is proud to announce our latest scanning system for integrity inspection of various diameter tubes and pipelines. The Tubes can be examined with the same resolution and accuracy, as by means of intelligent pipeline pigs, but this method can also be used where pigs are unable to go. These revolutionary new instruments make detailed examinations a reality.

Areas of application

Pipeline Inspection

  • To scan aboveground pipes, flow lines
  • at excavated sections of underground pipelines for verification of intelligent pigging
  • at pipeline sections that pigs cannot access
  • super heaters, re-heaters


  • Accuracy +/-5% with UT verification
  • separates pits and wall thinning
  • penetrates up to 12-15 mm depth of tube wall
  • tracking large area thinning, caused by general corrosion or erosion
  • discover mechanical & manufacturing defects


Pipeline Inspection

  • Non-contact electromagnetic method
  • requires only minimum tube cleaning
  • no couplant required
  • coatings, rusts, scales, etc have no effect on signal
  • no influence from paint or plastic coating, linings
  • tailor made probe shape Hand scanner