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Maintenance of Cathodic Protection


Maintenance and Repairing of Transformer Rectifiers

Maintenance of Transformer Rectifier Unit at least once every 3 months:

  • Clean and tighten all bolted current – carrying connections.
  • Check Ventilation, lighting, cooling system, room installation, equipment basement, etc. of the rectifier room.
  • Checking the indicating meters for accuracy.
  • For coil immerse unit the oil level and cleanliness shall be checked. The oil should be clear and nearly colourless.
  • If oil is murky or cloudy, it should be replaced with good grade of standard Transformer Oil.
  • Replace damaged and faulty spare parts.

Routine maintenance and checking of the system including Test Station 

  • Cleaning of electrical connections and contact points with the required spray.
  • Cleaning and Lubricating of Screws and terminals of the junction boxes and covers, and Repair any broken test post and reposition if necessary.
  • Check the potential along the pipe line versus to Cu/CuSo4 electrode.
  • Record the readings for all test points along the pipeline.
  • Adjust the rectifier output according to the required protection level value.



  • Casing, Isolating joints
  • Interference testing/survey
  • AC/DC stray current testing

Maintenance of CP furniture 

Transformer Rectifiers:   monthly/quarterly
Test Post & Route Markers:   yearly
– Casing:   yearly
– Isolating joints:   yearly
– Interference testing/survey:   yearly
– AC/DC stray current testing:   yearly
Reporting-Solution-Reparation:   as requested