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Health, Safety & Environment Policy

We at CORROCONT Ltd. are committed to

  • Eliminating or managing hazards and practices in our business that could cause accident, injury or illness to people, damage to property or unacceptable impacts on the environment.
  • Assisting all employees to meet their health, safety and environmental obligations.
  • Conducting all activities mindful that the decisions we make should recognize both short and long term economic, environmental and community considerations.
  • Make our HSE activities to meet gradually the EU norms.

We will demonstrate this commitment by

  • Integrating Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management into the planning and operation of all CORROCONT businesses. Accountability for implementing this policy will be clearly defined and the principles by which we operate will be effectively communicated.
  • Providing systems for identifying, classifying, assessing, controlling and reviewing HSE risks in all areas and project sites.
  • Formal, documented processes for controlling the risks and effectively managing incidents will be established and communicated.
  • Ensuring adequate resources, with appropriate training and qualifications are provided to manage, maintain and implement HSE systems and controls. Systems for work procedures will be developed, implemented, maintained and reviewed regularly for appropriateness.
  • Ensuring communication channels to each employee to provide staff with relevant information on HSE issues.
  • Employees  opportunity and encouraging discussing comment and report freely any HSE related topic will ensure involvement of all personnel.
  • Measuring, monitoring and reviewing HSE performance as part of our management reviews, with records maintained and results reported to senior management and relevant authorities.
  • Ensuring procedures for the purchase or supply of goods or services include HSE requirements consistent with these management principles. Sub-contractors must comply with our HSE standards and requirements.
  • Ensuring that, in the event of a work related injury or illness we support the full recovery of injured employees through prompt treatment and active rehabilitation programs. In the event of an environmental incident, we will take those steps necessary to minimize the impact of any such incident.
  • We will ensure that the opportunity is taken to learn from any incident and improve our health, safety and environmental capabilities.
  • We will take respect of and keep HSE requirements and regulations of our clients when any our employee is assigned either to visit or work in their premises.
  • Taking all viable opportunities to reduce waste, conserve energy and recycle materials.