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GIS – Geographical Information System & Database Management

GISFunctionality of the GIS Software is developed as an integrated system and integrated database for pipeline operators. Pipeline route maps and all related pipeline data are stored in the system. Analysis of the data allows safe operation and optimized system rehabilitation.


  • GIS Mapping of pipelines, with sub-meters GPS accuracy
  • Pipeline furniture database with drawings
  • CIPS + DCVG results
  • Intelligent Pigging results
  • Excavation results
  • Remote Monitoring System, control and analyzing module
  • ICCP maintenance module
  • Database of rehabilitation
  • Management module
  • Urgent works and problems
  • Additional information

Integrating results of different inspection techniques and geographical data into one single software.

Goals & Achievements 

  • To extend the lifetime of pipeline
  • Keep safe & healthy environment
  • Avoidance of disasters
  • Optimized operation cost
  • Reduced and optimized engineering time
  • Easy decision making