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Zinc Anodes

  • Zinc Anodes
  • Zinc Anodes
  • Zinc Anodes

Zn Anodes

For the manufacturing of zinc anodes we use high-purity (99.99 %) Zn blocks.

The melting procedure takes place in the induction furnace, in graphite melting pots, with the application of the metallurgically necessary covering and cleansing salts. The alloy will be cast in oxide-, and inclusion free state. The surfaces of the connections are coated by a zinc layer. The form casting of the blocks is carried out by means of cast iron moulds according to the USMILL, BS, DIN standards.


Al: max. 0,5
Fe: max. 0,05
Cn: max. 0,05
Cd: max. 0,05
Pb: max. 0,005
Zn: the rest

Al: 0,10-0,50
Fe: max. 0,005
Cn: max. 0,005
Cd: 0,025-0,07
Pb: max. 0,006
Zn: the rest


Zinc Anodes – I.     Zinc Anodes – II.

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