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Solar Power Unit

  • Solar Power unit

Solar Power Unit

The DS40 Photovoltaic Module provides a tried and tested solution for energy source application. The PV module is a high density type solar cell encapsulated in a resilient UV resistant material. The solar panels have non-corroding frame, such as aluminium, and is sealed to provide thorough moisture resistance from high humidity environments.

Photovoltaic module technical parameters:

Standard Test Conditions (1000 W/m2 irradiance, AM1.5 solar spectral distribution, 25oC cell temperature)

PSR-48/40 solar rack

The PSR-48/40 solar rack AlMgSi0.5-F22 structure supports the DS40 photovoltaic modules above the ground and it consists of a kit components that can be readily handled and assembled on site. The structures are designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions with minimal maintenance. The same basic of the component are used for structures 10, 20, 32, 40 modules. Extension bays are used for systems with more than 40 modules.


Solar Power Unit

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