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Cathodic Protection Rectifier

Type: Oil Cooled CP Rectifier

This Oil-Cooled Rectifier combines top quality components and manufacturing methods with the best features. Incoming AC power is stepped down, isolated and rectified to a controlled DC output. Input overload & short circuit protection is provided by magnetic-trip circuit breakers; output protection by means of semiconductor fuses in the transformer secondary. Primary AC/DC lightning protection is provided by high energy Metal Oxide Varistor (M.O.V.) arrestors; secondary surge suppression by disk-style M.O.Vs. Output control using 25-steps of tap adjustment, gives ample control to output settings. Conservatively rated full-wave diode bridge assemblies coupled to a high performance transformer combine to yield an efficient and reliable rectifier for all Cathodic Protection installations.

AC Operated Standard Cathodic Protection Transformer Rectifier Units

Oil-Cooled Rectifier manufactures a wide range of automatic and manually controlled Cathodic Protection T/R units to suit all cathodic protection applications. The present range of T/R units oil cooled, indoor/outdoor units of ratings from 5V, 5A up to 100V, 500A. These units can be offered with a variety of optional features like remote monitoring and control, SCADA interface, built-in synchronisable current interrupter, etc. to meet specific requirements.

CP Units for Hazardous Area Operations

We can provide a specially designed outdoor installation type, oil cooled Cathodic Protection Rectifier Units suitable for installation in hazardous area group IIA & IIB. These units are presently available in rating from 5V, 5A to 100V, 100A in automatic and manual controlled types.

The Complete Annunciation System

The standard annunciation system monitors and indicates the following faults:

  • Under protection
  • Overprotection
  • Reference Electrode Failure
  • Over Current

In addition to these alarms/indications, any other additional alarms/indications can be provided as per specific requirement.


Oil Cooled CP Rectifier


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