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CP Wire & Cable

  • CP Wire & Cable
  • CP Wire & Cable
  • CP Wire & Cable
  • CP Wire & Cable
  • CP Wire & Cable
  • CP Wire & Cable

Double insulated cathodic protection cables


Simple, Cu conducting, double insulated cables particularly developed for cathodic protection applications, meeting optimally the demands of CP cables and various environmental conditions.

Parts, function

  • Cu conductor, electrical conducting function
  • PVC coated insulation, that
    • provides the chloride- and hydrogen-proof properties around anodes
    • withstands local alkalining arising in the environment of protected metal structures
    • provides cable functions indicated by different colours: black, red, blue
  • optionally can be fitted with armour (XLPE/PVC/SWA/PVC) in case of intensive mechanical stress. This type of cable is available with a layer of steel wire armouring and further PVC sheath to provide added mechanical protection either where the cable is directly buried or not run inside conduit.


Single/multi core stranded tinned copper conductor with radiation cross linked primary insulation of modified Kynar/polyvinylidene flouride and an outer jacket of modified polyolefin. This cable is resistant to salt water and most organic and inorganic substances.


XLPE/PVC Cable     Kynar Cable

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